About Us

The rotation of our team, generally beginning with a full turnover every fall, means fresh concepts, knowledge,
and perspectives are always brought
to your projects.

About Us About Us

Our Mission

FourDesign provides quality design and expertise for affiliates and departments at Virginia Tech, private businesses, and organizations. Our team-oriented environment emphasizes fluidly adjusting to fit the needs
of the individual client from the initial concept to the final production stage. We offer design services including,
but not limited to, product and company branding, logos, concept development, multimedia presentations,
printed publications, packaging, and font and web design. Working under the direction of Visual Communication Design Faculty to produce professional quality products for our clients, interns operate under the founding objectives of FourDesign:

  • Education: Providing students with professional experience rarely available to undergraduates.
  • Outreach: Functioning as a liaison to groups outside the University community seeking design services.
  • Research: Adhering to the research mission of Virginia Tech.
  • Exhibition: Serving as a venue in which visual design products are displayed and available for community.

Our History

Originally branded as “Visual Design Studio 4”, or VDS4, FourDesign got its start in 2001. The success of an interdepartmental project suggested that Virginia Tech could directly benefit from an internal organization that facilitated collaboration between faculty and students and provide professional, service, and research opportunities within design.

The studio itself gained official Service Center status in Fall of 2004. The studio generated sufficient production revenues that year to cover all costs of moving, construction and space preparation and closed the school year
in the black.

By the close of the Spring 2007 term, close to fifty interns had benefited from the VDS4 experience and the
newest graduates were already finding strong starting positions, and Summer 2007 marked the first summer of year-round operations.

As of the Fall of 2009, VDS4 was rebranded internally to “FourDesign”, an alteration meant to bring the four pillars of our mission (Education, Outreach, Research, and Exhibition) to the forefront of our operations. With offices located in Henderson Hall, the team of interns and faculty advisers is currently focusing on strengthening their relationship with downtown Blacksburg, its associated merchants, and departments on campus as the opportunities FourDesign could help them explore broaden as the University continues to grow.